Oh Dam, it’s windy

Oh Dam, it's windy

First night out, here we are beneath a large dam built by the Army Corps of Engineers in Southeast Colorado. I wonder if they ever camp here, UNDER the dam? We have learned much today: items may have shifted in flight, cows do some strange things left to their own devices in miles of open range and….why does the antelope cross the road?
We learned that the GPS woman is probably correct and if you think you may be on the wrong road, check on that sooner rather than later. We learned that without irrigation green Colorado turns into brown Colorado and it blows dust around just like New Mexico.
I had my “blow the big RV across the road” wind storm initiation today. Glad that’s over with. Taking a shower in an RV is like trying to wash your body before you are born. Tomorrow is another day. Destination Mormon Island Nebraska!

4 comments on “Oh Dam, it’s windy

  1. We also learned that if you’re inclined to be on the bias the fridge will not get cold.


  2. …inclined to be on the bias…


  3. Luke Matney says:

    Yeah my cousins parked their travel trailer on a hill in OR. They got frustrated that the fridge wouldn’t work at 10:30 at night and packed up and went back home.

    Rule of thumb, if your parked on a hill and you would be uncomfortable sleeping on your bed, then fridge doesn’t like it either.


    • We have a small round level and if we can make it almost level-it’s good enough. And… We discovered that the fridge is very quiet so even when you think it isn’t on, it is….all very mysterious


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