Alignment makes it easy, alignment makes it work

July 22 – 28 (one week) (—july.html)
The ancient Greeks celebrate this week as the Panatheneia, or “All Athenes”, honoring the beloved Goddess of Athens in her roles as giver of wisdom and sender of inspiration.

And in her Roman manifestation, her name is Minerva. Why Roman and not Greek? Why are we packing Minerva and not Athene with clothes and books and enough technology to qualify for a stealth mission? As much as we might want to align to the beauty and perfection of the Greek thought, this trip and this time is really more Roman.

I was set up for this by the toss of the genes; I have the Lantz “Itchy feet.” This family name comes from Alsace, then French and now a German place; site of Roman invasion. One of those soldiers carried a Lance and so became Lantz. This tribe on Mom’s side are notorious travelers, wanderers, nomads. Nothing so compelling as the other side of the hill. There are some in Australia, California, even New Mexico. Three generations ago they packed up and tried North Dakota on a homestead until ” the cold and the grasshoppers drove them home to Pennsylvania.” Where I would add, one can actually GROW something!

And Larry….an Eastern European gene pool doesn’t explain this Bacchus affiliate. There are clearly gypsies among us! There is a card in the Tarot that is named Lust, as in a “lust for life.” All smiles aside it comes from Lustre, gold, the purest form, the product of Alchemy, a reflection of inner strength. This is a man in search of his true nature, and there is no higher calling.

So, it is a wise move to align with a giver of wisdom …Minerva…when we are embarking on an unknown path. Seems this timing was created by appointments and reservations, some made made months ago. But that is the human hubris that suggests that we even have a clue about what is really going on….

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