Warming up the lamp

“Warming up the lamp” entered our family’s lexicon sometime in the late 1990s.  Back in these ancient times, printers were large, slow and chatty. We stretched the meaning beyond the preparation to scan or print, into a familial expression for getting ready for the creation of something new. It was a 3 minute pause and a hopeful inhalation before experiencing the fruits of your labor.  Our at least the reality of your best intentions.

In our current manifestation we are “warming up the lamp” for our next chapter.  Packing things, sorting things, tossing things; we are sharply aware that these are only things.  They are however our sacred relics of people and homes now past, gone, and out of reach. The last box packed tonight; a heavy Cave rock from my Mother’s treasures, wrapped in a placemat made by our daughter, all nestled in a basket from an old friend. In my hand rests a tin protecting a carved wood dachshund from Pa, my beloved Grandpa, and a clay Puma from New Mexico. The former from my childhood, the latter a thrift store find purchased  to imbue my office space with keen senses, smart stealth and courage in dark places.

At the bottom of the box lies a beautiful tile of Jewish symbology from a shop on the Plaza in Santa Fe.  Five years ago we were excited to bring this to my Mother in law for Hanukah.   She lived in Florida then.  I recall how the vivid Southwestern colors looked exotic amidst the pale pastels and palm trees.  We wrapped it in Ft Lauderdale’s Sun Sentinel newspapers when she couldn’t live alone there anymore. The tile came back to us in her small pile of possessions when she died here in Santa Fe.

It’s all just a circle, lives that are so entwined that even the solid physical possessions flow freely through time.   Release it all, because it will come back in it’s own time.

We are blessed with great family and great friends, we will embark on this adventure/journey/quest knowing that you all are with us.  Blessings on you all.

2 comments on “Warming up the lamp

  1. Kelly says:

    Warming up the lamp!


  2. Amy says:

    May your new adventure bring you laughter, learning and many roads less traveled to explore!


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