Minerva's Owl Minerva’s Owl

What is Minervaontheroad about?

Living, and dying, making mistakes and cleaning up, growing, stagnating,

Moving on and getting stuck, Building and destroying.

Hiding behind masks and Exposing our hearts.

It is about participating actively and watching silently from across the room,

But always…Watching for the tracks of the Divine left on the face of the mundane.

We are seekers, that don’t always find, and when we do, we may no longer need.

It is about living smaller physically, to be larger emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

We have a right intuitive brain and a left logical one although not in the same body…

This is an obscure corner of the universe that is personal and universal.

We seek understanding of our unique pieces, within many pieces.

We hope reading here will bring more humor into your life, brighter colors and more taste, altogether…a stronger sense of being alive.

Comment freely, we are glad you are here!

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