Solstice Soul

IMG_4260I haven’t written very much this year. Today I am challenging myself on this point.   Writing is contemplative, painting is contemplative.  I have so few creative products to remember this year.  Have I lived an “unexamined year??”

Here at the last hours of the solar year called 2019, I am contemplating how quickly we have arrived at 2020. And once again Mary Oliver’s words spin around in my head. She died this year in January.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Think of how many people have read this and taken it to heart?

Revisiting my personal 2019 via electronic notes and images, I can review the “doing and undoing,” putting together and dismantling, that is the standard for most built on a biological platform.

I practice this type of shamanic dismemberment as a life skill, it is my soul’s work this time around.  This year I have enjoyed travel to unexplored places in my mind, and meditations from different parts of the world, in different parts of the world.

I have rummaged around in my cryptic sometimes illegible journals, scanned my anecdotal narratives from desktop folders with quirky names like:

“Things that go bump” or “If I could say anything.”


 These are the seeds of writings that haven’t germinated, yet. There is time, or there isn’t?.  No need to be concerned, it will sort itself out. In the spirit of those “end of year” reviews, I am offering some images that have brought me the most joy.

Events that bring anything else will be jettisoned shortly.

I hope you will take a few moments, or a day! to remember your heart expanding events of this year. Reach into the memory. Write it down. Harvest what you have sown this year.

And for those hard sad, disappointing times, write these too.  Write them in detail, letting the emotions of each bubble up and finally be exhaled.  Allow the emotions to get out of your body in whatever bodily function that suites.

When you are done, keep the list that you would like to manifest next year,

and shred or better yet-burn the other.

It has been a rich year. I am grateful for my freedom from hunger, illness and poverty. I am grateful for my family and friends who love and support us.  My intentions for next year?

More space for love, less attention to convention. May the Wild woman roost in my comfy chair permanently.

May we make a peaceful world in this lifetime.   Thank you for reading yet again.

Solstice is deep within and dark without

Sit quietly, let it work on you

4 comments on “Solstice Soul

  1. krunchnana says:

    Carol – So thought provoking as your writings usually are. Just wish I could somehow copy this to send to many friends who have had a tough year and need something to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel… Thank you for putting your thoughts on paper and sharing them with us..
    Love you, Nancy


  2. Maurice Eugene Heskett says:

    As usual, Carol, thats a quarter inch group, one ragged bullet hole in a 100 meter target.

    As I’m working on my 85th trip around this so lonesome star, (Fermi paradox, where is it) I still have things to, often as not just to say I’ve done that. But do I have the time finish that bucket list?

    I’m no better off than anyone else at knowing that. I’ve managed to make the reaper blink twice now as I’m recovering from getting TAVR valve installed to replace a nearly totalled Aortic valve. A bit sore, but functional best describes me ATM.

    How long will the fix last? Toss that coin, and hope it comes back down.
    What I have left to do is take care of my lady until she is done in, by COPD. Once that’s been accomplished, if I have what it takes I’ll let it be known that I can tune AM broadcasting towers as I’ll need a supplement my SS income. I’ve already bought the gear to do that. And I might be able to generate some $ with my cnc’d machine shop, where its write the code once, run it as many times as needed.

    We will see what the future holds for me, and I look forward to whatever comes my way.

    Right now its go see if I can con my lady into eating something that loosely resembles dinner. 🙂

    Cheers, & have a Merry Christmas, Gene


    • Even with non OEM parts you remain the smartest man I have ever not met. There are special forces angels that mind your tiny tribe, my friend. Your steadfast tenacity to the needs of others, otherwise known as Grace is your caregiver. Cheers Maurice


  3. The bank make me use the full name , Maurice Eugene Heskett, but I've been just Gene for 85 years. says:

    Someday I’d like to fix that error, and meet you. But I’ll have to be free to travel first. Thank you for the flowers my dear lady.


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