Wrapping Things Up

We are wrapping things up here in New Mex. It isn’t nearly as tight as this, or as small as this but it does have some sharp places and unexpected beauty! Going somewhere requires leaving as well. Certainly makes life more conscious and intentional when the destination is new at every sunrise. Becoming formally Nomadic is like wearing new shoes, they need to start out a bit tight in order to feel good “after a while.”
It’s raining !! Here in Santa Fe that is a blessing, a benediction on us all to move forward into what ever your heart desires.
So…let’s move on!


2 comments on “Wrapping Things Up

  1. Ronni Levine says:

    Hi Carol, I am glad that we had the chance to meet prior to your leaving and hope to see you in January. I am sure that you have a bag of mixed feelings as you make this bold step. Good luck “on the road.” Hug to you, Ronni


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