Questions for Quarantine

We actually don’t have all the time in the world.

“Stay at home” is a great teacher, and a flawless mirror of our life choices, thus far.  I think we are being challenged to open up the heavy bound book of MY LIFE and to push on past the chapters headed in Bold type with names such as:

“I don’t like, I can’t or I can… but I won’t.”

 It’s time to turn ourselves over, upside down or inside out to see what has been discarded on the rush to get out your latest and slickest version of:

ME 10.6.

What mysterious packages of carefully sequestered “consciousness of self” are waiting to be unwrapped? Not the stomach-churning self conscious embarrassments of childhood, but the grand wisdom, the knowledge of your true self, the eons of DNA experience, the spirit that you rode in on, the one you hide because it just isn’t…. convenient. What excruciatingly clear understanding of yourself, and what you came here to do, have you left unopened and forgotten until today? If we just take the time.

Is there a small voice of a child, “Don’t you remember?” Or the wise elder that waits down the path calling out to you saying,

“So tell me again, why didn’t you do that??”

One thing is certain, if you don’t ask the question, the answer is left to its own devices to make itself known. And it usually does; in increasingly aggravating ways. But, that is a different story for another time. Free choice is impressively creative, as long as it is exercised regularly. If we just take the time. 

What could you hear if you were to allow yourself to connect with the “inside” of YOU? Think of velvet; smooth on one side, woven of a thousand threads on the other. The same fabric, the same being, from a different perspective. You could try it for a moment. Bring your attention to a spot inside your body, your heart works well.  It has a lot of memory and it’s very interactive! Take a few good breaths, close your eyes and ask an open-ended question like “What have I forgotten about myself?”

  If you ask yourself a deep question and get an immediate, “Yo?” hollered back to you. Be patient. You are not looking for the quick superficial voice that rolls off your tongue from the front of your brain. There are no snappy responses from deep still waters. It’s an “inside the heart” adventure, with no masks. You are seeking a slow, soft voice. The part of you that stands steadfastly minding the place where a piece of your soul was left along the road. This is your destination.

It is the feeling of being underwater with your eyes open.  The upper world moves away, sound becomes liquid. Gravity loses its grip and your hair floats about your head in graceful plumes. You realize, “This is what hair could look like!” Streamers of refracted light chose their target, illuminating for an instant a single aspect of your own inner reality with exquisite clarity. 

This “stay at home”, quarrantine time, has wrought bloody battles with fear and mortality. Maybe the task of this time is to go inside and stay inside? I think the Angels of Transformation have devilish senses of humor, but the instructions couldn’t be more clear! Ask the question “Why am I here, and how can I do what I came here to do?” You have the tools, and the time. You might find gold or at least a bit of lead to begin the alchemy?

This worldwide pause has gifted some of us with the miracle of QUIET time. Our lives have moved from speedy staccato rhythms to the low rumble of a Blue Whale heart.  Sun up to sun down we have the opportunity to celebrate the “inside” of our lives.  Let’s take back our freedom to be holistic humans experiencing a LIFE in all its potential and possibility.